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Our friends at Free Them All WA asked us to do some research supporting these demands:

  1. Decarcerate WA by 50%

  2. Defund DOC by at least $300 million

  3. Improve quality of life for currently incarcerated people

  4. Support Community Reentry & Reduce Post-Release Surveillance


An Abolitionist Guide to Western State Hospital Expansion

Washington State wants to spend $612 million on the expansion of Western State Hospital. We compiled information on the expansion and our vision for an abolitionist future.


What is disability justice? How does disability justice and showing up for disabled people relate to abolishing prisons and all forms of incarceration? Check out this disability justice FAQ to find out!

NOTE: We discovered our Disability Justice FAQ is hard to read on mobile, posing an accessibility issue. We are working on uploading a new version that will be easier to read and will provide an update once it’s been completed. If you would like a PDF version emailed to you in the meantime, please reach out to